9 Basic Office Supplies Every Business Needs.

What are those basic office supplies you need? Take a look at this list of essentials: 1. Desk Supplies Start with the real basics. We’re talking pens, tape, highlighters, paper clips, scissors, a trash can, etc. — all the various things you take for granted, but that you need for getting work done. They will enable you to take notes, be creative and go about your normal daily business. 2. Technology Even if you have a tablet or a powerful mobile phone, having [...]

8 Items You Need on Your Desk

Each day, you spend a large amount of your time at your desk. Therefore, you need to be prepared for many unexpected things. Below I tried to list the essential items many of you may need while working in the office. You will see that if you keep the below items, your desk will become a much nicer area to work. 1. Healthy snacks Eating healthy snacks like cereal, almonds, nuts, yogurt and fruit will keep you both full and nutritious [...]

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